Coronavirus Australia live: woman’s body found in Victoria flood waters; Four Corners QAnon episode to air Monday

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Frydenberg on the economic impact of the lockdown in Victoria.

I’m very concerned about the impact it has on businesses. We saw a strong comeback in Victoria, unemployment was above 7% last year, then it got down to 5.5% consistent with the national average in the recent employment data. But clearly this lockdown dents confidence. It hits investment. It ultimately costs jobs.

Frydenberg is asked about the end of the disaster payment, given businesses such as gyms are still closed.

He replies:

It’s the state governments that make the decisions about lockdowns. About which sectors are affected, which parts of the state are affected. And the level of restrictions that remain. We made it very clear that we would provide income support. But it would be done so in a way that was consistent with the commonwealth hot spot definition as you know that commonwealth hot spot for the metropolitan Melbourne area was lifted, consistent with the announcement of the lifting of more broadly the restrictions in Victoria. We have the pemic leave payment obviously the jobseeker payment.

He rules out further support for those workers. “In terms of our support, it remains as we stated earlier.”

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Victoria: 50,000 Covid-19 disaster payment claims made

Frydenberg says t have been around 50,000 applications made for the Covid-19 disaster payment, with more than 34,000 processed paid.

That payment concludes today with the end of Victoria’s lockdown federal health authorities’ decision to no longer consider Melbourne a hot spot.

Frydenberg says he’s just concluded a two-hour meeting with state territory treasurers.

NSW Victoria are going to work on a “a nationally consistent approach to business support in the event of a lockdown”, he says.

The treasurer, Josh Frydenberg, is speaking now. I’ll bring you some highlights.

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Just in from Western Australia’s Department of Health:

T are no new cases today, zero active cases.

And since the government announced people over 30 would be able to get a vaccine, t have been nearly 74,500 vaccine bookings.

James Merlino (@JamesMerlinoMP)

We had 17,604 tests yesterday, which is great given the weather conditions But in some areas we really would like to see an uplift because of community transmission.
Please if you live in the Craigieburn area did not get tested yesterday because of the weather, do it today.

June 11, 2021

Traralgon flood evacuation warning reissued

A flood evacuation warning has been reissued for Traralgon in Victoria’s Gippsl region, AAP reports.

Anyone near the Traralgon Creek was being told early on Friday afternoon to evacuate now.

“The challenge for our community in Traralgon is while the river has receded the Princes Highway has reopened, we are expecting to see another 80-100mm of rain over the Traralgon catchment later today throughout the night,” said the SES chief officer operations, Tim Wiebusch.

“The advice we have is that will result in renewed major flooding.”

A previous flood warning for Traralgon Creek had been downgraded.

Wiebusch said t were also major flood warnings for the Yarra Thompson rivers, plus three moderate eight minor warnings.

The weather front that has brought cold temperatures to much of the eastern seaboard hit Victoria on Wednesday night.

SES Victoria has had more than 7,400 requests for help, with about 5,800 related to fallen trees.

About 2,500 of those requests are yet to be cleared.

Construction workers assist with the cleanup following heavy flooding in Traralgon
Construction workers assist with the cleanup following the heavy flooding in Traralgon. Photograph: James Ross/AAP

Wiebusch said as of Friday afternoon, more than 120,000 homes were still without power 100 roads remain closed, including parts of the Mt Denong Tourist Road the Maroondah Highway near Melbourne.

A strong wind warning was also issued on Friday for Gippsl Lakes the eastern central Gippsl coasts.

Those already in a safe place in Gippsl are urged to stay put for the next 24 to 48 hours when most of the flooding is expected to move through.

Authorities are pleading with locals not to drive through flood waters.

Two SES members were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries after separate tree-related incidents.

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Gordon Legal backs robodebt royal commission

Andrew Grech, a partner at Gordon Legal, is on the ABC now responding to the federal court judgment on the robodebt class action.

I think for many people, t’s been a lack of accountability, both of the ministers involved senior public servants involved.

We think that it’s important that, through the proper parliamentary processes , if necessary, through a royal commission, that those questions be answered for people, so that they can actually have far more closure on all those issues.

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That’s all from me for this afternoon. I’ll now h you over to Luke Henriques-Gomes.

Body of woman discovered in Victorian flood waters

The body of a woman missing since Wednesday has been discovered in Glenfyne in regional Victoria.

Police will prepare a report for the coroner following the discovery of the woman’s body, which was found inside a vehicle by Search Rescue officers in flood waters at about 10.40am.

While the body is yet to be formally identified, police believe it is that of a woman known as Nina, who went missing from nearby Simpson on Wednesday.

The exact circumstances surrounding the woman’s death are yet to be determined but police are not treating it as suspicious.

The Swimming Australia president, Kieren Perkins, has urged Maddie Groves to provide more information after she said she would withdraw from the upcoming Olympic trials said her decision should be a lesson to “misogynistic perverts” in the sport.

“This is a very concerning thing for us,” Perkins told the ABC on Friday. “These types of issues are, to be honest, the highest on my list as president that we need to be aware [of] manage. We need to manage the safety of our athletes. That is paramount to us.”

Mike Hytner has the full story:

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Remember the Mosman collar bomb hoax?

In August 2011, Paul Douglas Peters broke into the home of ex-Australian Rugby Union boss Bill Pulver wearing a balaclava placed a fake collar bomb around the neck of his teenage daughter Madeleine.

The device remained around her neck for some 10 hours before police determined it was a fake. A document attached to the device demed an unspecified sum of money said tampering with it would make it explode.

Peters did not know the Pulver family, his motive for the act was never clear. In 2012 he was sentenced to 13--a-half years in jail, with a non-parole period of 10 years.

Now it appears he may soon be released from prison.

AAP reports the State Parole Authority says it has accepted expert advice recommending Peters be released on supervised parole.

This included advice from the Serious Offenders Review Council which found Peters was unlikely to reoffend has suitable post-release plans.

Community Corrections also supported Peters’ release on parole.

The SPA said it intended to grant parole the matter will be listed for a public review hearing in August. Peters’ non-parole period ends 14 August.

During sentence proceedings in 2012, the court was told Peters suffered from severe depression bipolar disorder, that he claimed to have no memory of attaching the device to Pulver’s neck.

He told one psychiatrist he had “no idea” why he chose the Pulver home.

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Good afternoon. Some more on the federal court’s approval of a $112m settlement between the Commonwealth the victims of the robodebt scheme from Luke Henriques-Gomes.

Luke Henriques-Gomes (@lukehgomes)

A small thing, but an important one. Government ministers top public servants have continued to assert robodebt was merely "legally insufficient", rather than "unlawful". But the federal court begs to differ.

June 11, 2021

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With that I shall leave you for the week, to go enjoy my newfound Melbourne freedom! (With a mask on of course).

The inimitable Michael McGowan is with you for the afternoon.

Evacuation order issued for parts of Traralgon in regional VIC

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In anyone was wondering w my head is at at the moment:

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Nothing says "lockdown press conference blogging" like trying to figure out which question will have a boring enough yet long enough answer that I can run to the bathroom back.

June 11, 2021

Heidi Murphy (@heidimur)

The @VictorianCHO says he wishes he "could give people some certainty" (about what comes next with cases restrictions) "but I can't. A week is like an eternity".

June 11, 2021
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