How Google Classroom is helping teachers all over the world

3 weeks ago

NEW DELHI: In 2020, the sudden transition of classrooms from schools to computer screens wasn't an easy one. Many teachers students had to adapt to br new challenges the exchange of learning could not be as efficient as a traditional classroom. It is a free web tool that lets teachers work communicate with students more efficiently. It basically lets teachers create, share grade assignments quickly easily.

All you need is a Gmail account to use Google Classroom. Teachers students in schools are the main users; the school has to use G Suite for Education to provide different accounts to teachers students. Though for personal or individual use, your existing Gmail account works just fine.

Let's see how Google Classroom is helping teachers all over the world:

Easier management A teacher can set up class in minutes; invite 10 or 100 students with a single code or link; instantly share assignments with deadlines. Integrations with other Google offerings like Calendar, Docs, Drive, etc. allow swift management tasks. For instance, an assignment deadline will automatically show up in the students' Google Calendars, eliminating the need to repeatedly remind them.

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Smoother sharing
Study material assignments can be distributed in a few clicks submissions can be accepted at any time. Digital sharing of files saves paper time spent in getting copies for everyone. Teachers can create assignment templates give customised assignments to different students of the same class, with varying difficulty levels. They can even modify reuse assignments year after year.

Better engagement with students

Teachers can communicate any important news or announcements on the platform. They can monitor who hasn't completed their tasks give reminders. They can turn on Google Meet have face-to-face communication individually or with the whole class. They can reach out privately with text messages to students who require more attention solve their doubts. Here Oswaal Specimen Copies will be of great help, as the teachers can use them to give extra questions to students apart from what they have already. This will give the students more questions to practice, especially now when they are again locked in their houses.

Faster evaluation

Google Classroom lets you build quizzes with Google Forms which get automatically graded as soon as students complete them. If you are evaluating a test manually, you can set rubrics that show up right beside the student's answers. This helps you grade fairly with more consistency. For fast, personalized responses you can store frequently used feedback in your personal comment bank. You can even encourage self-assessment by enabling 'originality reports' w they can scan their own work for plagiarism. This allows them to write better answers.

Teachers can also share images, screen casts links to YouTube videos or websites. Even students can reply with a comment, sketch or a video clip. This helps make the lecture more interactive engaging. For the new academic session of 2021-22, Google Classroom is bound to find more users from CBSE ICSE. Moreover, teachers will be able to keep parents in the loop even if Covid-19 restrictions continue in the country. They can allow parents to opt in for alerts of due dates, upcoming activities missing work. Google is also assuring student privacy has said that student data is never used for advertising purposes.

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