Logitech B2B: A Brand-New Identity for The Most Popular Computer Peripherals Brand

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Last Updated: November 24, 2022, 18:07 IST

New Delhi, India

 News18/Shaurya Sharma)

Logitech's new conference room solutions simplify the hybrid work experience. (Image: News18/Shaurya Sharma)

Popularly known for B2C products like keyboards, mice, and webcams, Logitech's B2B video collaboration solutions are emerging as proverbial unsung heroes for the brand.

Professionals can be most productive when working in an office setting, but since the pandemic, the notion of what constitutes a workspace has changed. 

Businesses not only provide hybrid work opportunities but also use technology that blurs the line between the workplace and the home, and this is where companies like Logitech come in.

Popularly known for B2C products like keyboards, mice, and webcams, Logitech’s B2B video collaboration solutions are emerging as proverbial unsung heroes for the brand. I was fortunate enough to be invited to Logitech’s Research and Engineering Centre in Chennai to explore Logitech’s video collaboration and personal workspace solutions, including the newly launched Logi Dock.

Over the last few years, Logitech has been working towards ensuring that when an employee working from the office wants to connect with someone who’s not in the office, the technicalities don’t get in the way of doing effortless work. To address the challenges people face—the brand is working on two key segments—personal workspace solutions and business solutions.

This is how Logitech’s new personal workspace solutions simplify the hybrid work experience:

Logitech’s personal workspace solutions include—mice, keyboards, headsets, webcams, and the Logi Dock. With these solutions, the brand focuses on eliminating hybrid workers’ challenges while accomplishing day-to-day tasks. 

Logitech MX Master 3 (Image: News18/Shaurya Sharma)

For instance, Brio 4K Business webcam and True Zone Wireless earbuds provide the best-in-class video collaboration experience with a plug-and-play setup. Brio 4K features intuitive 5X digital zoom and 4K30P HDR video while addressing security with IR facial recognition. On the other hand, the True Zone Wireless earbuds offer all-day battery life and Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) to ensure your work doesn’t suffer—even if you work in a bustling workspace. 

Logitech has also recently launched the Logi Dock in India, designed to help remote workers improve personal workspaces and better the video meeting experience. Logi Dock offers one-touch meeting controls and a built-in speakerphone, all as an all-in-one docking station. It will help you tidy up your desk by providing one connection point for multiple desktop-grade devices, ergo supports up to five USB peripherals and two monitors while simultaneously charging your laptop up to 100W.

Logitech’s newly launched Logi Dock (Image: News18/Shaurya Sharma)

Logitech B2B: An Untold Story

As an individual who proudly belongs to the Gen-Z, I, for one, grew up using Logitech peripherals—both in school and at home. When you think mouse and keyboard, you think Logitech; no two ways about it, but behind the scenes, the brand has been working to create the ideal conference room solutions built for businesses, essentially getting rid of the fear of missing out.

Learning from user feedback collected from many sources, Logitech has developed industry-first products to address simple yet frustrating ordeals working professionals, including me, face regularly. 

(Image: News18/Shaurya Sharma)

We are all familiar with the whiteboard—a simple and effective way to brainstorm and quickly jot down ideas and whatnot. In theory, it is a simple tool, but when used in tandem with technology, the concept of simplicity goes down the drain. Let’s say, in a meeting, you want to present yourself while showing the whiteboard, not blocking it, and at the same time, ensuring your audio is functional. Tough ask, right? 

Logitech has worked to ensure we don’t face such ordeals anymore. Scribe, by Logitech, allows users to effortlessly share their whiteboards—any whiteboard—into video meetings. Logitech Scribe supports all mainstream video meeting apps, including Google Meet, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams. 

Logitech’s conference room solutions extend to other products, including Logitech Tap IP, Tap Scheduler, and ‘video bars’ like Rally Bar, Rally, and Rally Plus. The brand also offers solutions for bigger meeting rooms, with Logitech Group and Logitech Meetup. 

(Image: News18/Shaurya Sharma)

Speaking exclusively to News18, Anand Lakshmanan, Head of B2B, Logitech India, and Southwest Asia, claimed that Logitech’s B2B support leaves no margin for error. “Our solutions are solutions are used in board rooms, with senior executives using our solutions on a day-to-day basis, which means your margin for error is almost non-existent."

Therefore, for enterprise customers, in April 2022, Logitech came up with Select—a maintenance program based on room and not on the device. Enterprises pay a fixed amount per room and are free to add additional devices on an ad-hoc basis.

Additionally, Logitech Select provides users with a slew of other perks, like having a dedicated Customer Success Manager instead of talking to a service center, wasting precious time.

And enterprise customers looking to subscribe to Select, and opt for more than 40 rooms, get access to in-house or perhaps in-building support. Yes, in the customer’s office, and it results in a resolution time to be minimal, if any, eliminating downtime.

Logitech’s Chennai facility promotes a strong narrative for India and self-sufficiency

Any product is an amalgamation of hardware and software; ultimately, brands like Logitech sell an ‘experience,’ not a product. At 500+ strong, Logitech’s Chennai Research and Development center focuses on software at the helm but involves many hardware selections, including cloud apps, mobile apps, and cloud services.

In 2009, during the facility’s inception, the team was limited to select people. Now, with extensive roles and supporting all product lines of Logitech instead of just one, the team has grown into a solid self-sustainable product development team from India.

All said and done, good old Logitech is here to stay

Yes, the brand is exploring new avenues, new work styles and most importantly, new product lines, but as a brand that we have all grown up with, Logitech represents change, while making sure more consumers, across different niches, get to experience Logitech’s ‘experiences.’

With that being said, Logitech’s brand-new identity is refreshing to see, and with ingenious products, remarkable R&D in India, and a promise of quality, the brand we know and love, is here to stay.

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