Making online educational content takes almost double time than teaching directly: Educators

1 month ago

INDORE: Out of the 1780 educators only one-fourth are satisfied with the online assessment due to incessant chances of unfair means during online exam, and connectivity issues.

A recently conducted survey by faculty of Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Indore, Dr Surbhi Dayal focused on the impact of online education on educators during Covid-19.

The survey which was conducted on teachers of premiere high schools, higher educational institutions (HEIs) and coaching institutes of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi.
Out of the total sample size, 93.8 per cent of educators have been involved in online teaching since the lockdown began, Dayal told TOI.

As per the teachers, making educational content (video/audio) takes almost double time than the teaching directly, giving rise to mental pressure and health-related issues.

Due to online teaching, these teachers have also incurred physical and mental ailments too.

While 76.2 per cent teachers witnessed health issues such as eye strain, neck pain, and migraine due to conducting online classes, 49.2 per cent have been stressed, 22.9 per cent are undergoing anxiety, 17 per cent have faced panic attack and 12 per cent teachers are in depression.

Moreover, as many as 74.2 per cent of the total educators were totally new to online teaching set up.

Her research indicated that more than 51.4 per cent of educators are spending six to seven days in a week on online learning.

“While in total 53 per cent of teachers are spending six to seven hours daily, teachers at the coaching institutes are spending more than ten hours,” Dayal added who conducted the survey with the help of online form, telephonic conversation and that via WhatsApp messages.

Only one-third of the total sample batch have their personal device whereas the remaining have been sharing it with family members or other teachers.

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