White House Says Iranian Threat To Israel ‘Real’

1 month ago

Last Updated: April 12, 2024, 21:24 IST

Washington D.C., United States of America (USA)


Iranians attend an anti-Israel protest at Palestine square in Tehran. (Image: AFP/Representative)

The White House said the US will make sure the Israelis have what they need to protect themselves.

The White House on Friday said that Iran’s threats of reprisals against Israel for killing two Iranian generals in a strike on the Iranian consulate in Syria this month remain “real”.

“We still deem the potential threat by Iran here to be real, to be viable,” Security Council spokesman John Kirby told journalists. Kirby did not confirm reports of US official considering an imminent Iranian attack, as reported by some news outlets. He also did not clarify if the US will help shoot down an Iranian missiles fired at Israel.

“We’re watching this very, very closely. (We’ll make sure the Israelis) have what they need and that they’re able to defend themselves,” Kirby was quoted as saying. Referring to US forces in West Asia he said the administration will ensure that they are properly prepared. The US has thousands of troops in West Asia.

The US President Joe Biden on Wednesday warned that Iran is “threatening to launch a significant attack on Israel” and pledged “ironclad” support for Washington’s top regional ally despite differences between him and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu over the latter’s approach towards the war in Gaza.

Despite the differences, the US and Israel appear to be united as Iran is planning “imminent” attacks. Israeli defence minister Yoav Gallant said Friday that Israel and the United States were “shoulder to shoulder” in facing the threat from Iran after holding an important meeting with US Central Command chief Michael Kurilla.

“Our enemies think that they can pull apart Israel and the United States, but the opposite is true — they are bringing us together and strengthening our ties”, Gallant said.

“We stand shoulder to shoulder. We are prepared to defend ourselves on the ground and in the air, in close cooperation with our partners, and we will know how to respond,” he further added.

Meanwhile, India and France recommended on Friday that their citizens avoid travelling to the region.

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