Indo-Tibetan Border Police

The Indo-Tibetan Border Police is India's primary border patrol organization with its border with Tibet. It is one of the five Central Armed Police Forces of India, raised on... Wikipedia

  • Motto:  Shaurya – Dridhata – Karm Nishtha, Valour – Steadfastness and Commitment
  • Formed:  24 October, 1962
  • Employees:  89,432 active personnel
  • Annual budget:  ₹ 6,522.10 (2020-21)
  • Legal personality:  Governmental
  • Federal agency:  IN
  • Governing body:  Ministry of Home Affairs (India)
  • Constituting instrument:  Indo-Tibetan Border Police Force Act, 1992
  • General nature:  Federal law enforcement, Civilian agency
  • Headquarters:  New Delhi, India
  • Minister responsible:  Amit Shah, Union Home Minister
  • Agency executive:  S S Deswal, Director General of ITBP
  • Boats:  30
  • Data source:  DuckDuckGo