From Kamal Nath Bastion Chhindwara, a Local Boy Will Become MP This Time, Says CM Mohan Yadav

1 month ago

Last Updated: April 11, 2024, 14:28 IST

Bhopal, India


MP CM Mohan Yadav takes a meal while campaigning in Chhindwara (Image: News18)

Chhindwara will vote for Lok Sabha elections in the first phase on April 19. CNN-News18 caught up with CM Mohan Yadav on the campaign trail.

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Mohan Yadav has declared war on Congress in its bastion of Chhindwara in the run up to Lok Sabha Elections 2024. Over the past few weeks, he has visited the constituency four times already and initiated the switch of a number of senior Congress leaders to the BJP.

On Wednesday, the debutant CM led a roadshow in Chhindwara, the stronghold of former MP chief minister Kamal Nath, and attacked the leader for denying the constituency development. While campaigning for BJP candidate Vivek Bunty Sahu, Yadav said Kamal Nath has denied opportunities to local leaders for four decades because “he cared only for his family.”

Chhindwara will vote for Lok Sabha elections in the first phase on April 19. CNN-News18 caught up with CM Mohan Yadav on the campaign trail. Here are excerpts from an exclusive interview with Mohan Yadav:

Q: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has made up its mind that this time the score in Madhya Pradesh will be zero for Congress. The one seat, which BJP did not grab last time, is Chhindwara. Chief Minister Mohan Yadav is in the Kamal Nath bastion. Sir, what are the people of Chhindwara saying?

Mohan Yadav: The BJP is winning, you are witness to the surging crowd and their excitement. One family’s 45-year-old stranglehold is breaking and BJP is all set to emerge victorious.

Q: Kamal Nath has been saying that he has given his life to Chhindwara and he will remain for Chhindwara till the end of his life. He is making an emotional appeal, what will be its effect on the voters?

Mohan Yadav: There is no time left for all this. People can see through these emotional appeals. Kamal Nath ji stopped the development of Chhindwara. Never has a local child been made a parliamentarian from here because of him. This time a local child from Chhindwara will become a parliamentarian. Why should one constituency remain in the grip of a single family for 45 years? Is this democracy? People want to break the shackles of this family and you can already see indications of what is about to unfold.

Madhya Pradesh CM Mohan Yadav on campaign trail in Chhindwara. (Image: News18)

Q: The second big Congress leader is Digvijaya Singh. My next question to you question related to him and national politics. There is an island, Katchatheevu, which is in the eye of a political storm right now because of the manner in which India gave up its rights on this island. Regarding this, Digvijaya Singh said or rather asked how many people are living on that island. Your comments?

Mohan Yadav: Whenever Digvijaya Singh talks, he attempts to undermine India’s internal strength. His words lower the morale of the Army and embarrass everyone. People know him well and attach no value to his utterances.

Q: Digvijaya Singh, Kamal Nath are now predicting that Congress will win four times more seats than last elections.

Mohan Yadav: If they are so confident, why did Digvijaya Singh run away from Bhopal? If you have confidence that you will win, leave your seat and contest from Bhopal. They are aware of the reality that neither will they win Bhopal nor any seat in the entire state.

Q: This is your first election as the Chief Minister and the face of BJP in Madhya Pradesh. How has your experience been?

Mohan Yadav: BJP’s roots are very deep, people have a lot of faith in BJP. You will see its results, every street, mohalla, intersection…there is no such place where a BJP worker is not visible. There is BJP everywhere, and the people also have great faith. That is why we have been winning in the state for 20 years.

Q: Do you see the final result as 400 paar? Will MP contribute to the landslide as is being predicted?

Mohan Yadav: Certainly, we will be 29 paar in MP and Modi will be 400 paar.

Q: A newspaper published a report that India killed 20 terrorists by entering Pakistan. Rajnath Singh also said that this is a new India, a strong India which safeguards its interest, he said ‘Ghus ke marenge’. Your comments?

Mohan Yadav: Be it surgical strike or Balakot airstrike, India has made its mark in the world. Naya Bharat sashakt hai, samarth hai. It is clear that under the leadership of Modi ji, India is capable of safeguarding its interest from all threats and challenges.


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